We are very pleased to inform you of the recognition by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) of the International French School of Bucharest as an accredited school (decree dated May 25, 2020 - JORF no. 0132 dated May 31, 2020).

The EFI Bucharest  becomes the 2nd accredited French school in Romania.

The advantages of this recognition by the AEFE network are numerous.

We now belong to a network recognized for its pedagogical qualities, established outside France in 139 countries and composed of 522 establishments whose values we share. All the accredited schools, recognized by both the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Education, allow our pupils to follow a seamless education, from kindergarten to the Lycée, until the baccalaureate diploma.

Accreditation certifies the conformity of teaching to the requirements, programs, pedagogical objectives and organizational rules of the French education system.

It allows any student from an approved school to continue his or her education in any other French school (subject to availability of places) without an entrance exam.

The accreditation and the strategic partnership, which is now being established with the AEFE, will allow our school to consolidate its pedagogical and educational project, in close collaboration with the French Embassy in Romania. Numerous projects are being implemented within the network, and EFI students will be able to benefit from them.

This label of partner school of the AEFE will also allow us to be better known and recognized by the future families and will be an accelerator of our development. For your children, it is also an additional security in the construction of their school career and we are very proud of it.

The approval in the spring of 2020, less than a year after the creation of the school, confirms the seriousness and the relevance of the teaching offered within the school.

EFI Brussels, which also belongs to the Odyssey network, has also been accredited. We are delighted because this group-wide recognition also validates our strategy. It is both a great recognition of the work done and a commitment to our educational community.

We thank all the members of the pedagogical and administrative team, because this result is collective and required the commitment of everyone.

Finally, we would like to thank the French Embassy and the French Institute of Romania for their investment and continued support.