Dress code

EFI’s students wear a uniform, reinforcing the identity and sense of belonging to the EFI community and more generally to the international community of Odyssey schools.

Articles are sold in a dedicated space inside the school.

School catering

EFI Bucharest offers a school catering service. The quality of this service is rigorously monitored by our team both in terms of nutrition and taste.

The school catering rates are communicated at the time of registration.

School bus

Bus scolaire

From September, a daily school bus service will be introduced to facilitate the transport of pupils living in the north of Bucharest. Together with our service provider, we will guarantee a quality service with a high level of safety. The pick-up routes and fares for this service will be communicated in the summer.

School supplies

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The list of textbooks and school supplies required for each class for school start is available at these links bellow :

After School

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Numerous educational and cultural events punctuate school life throughout the year, so that the school is not only a place of learning and "academic" teaching but also a lively and fulfilling place.

Holidays programs

Summer workshops that encourage children to express themselves easily and to enrich their vocabulary. English or French classes, led by experienced teachers, are held every morning. The afternoons are devoted to artistic activities or outings that will spark the children's curiosity while forging their personalities.

English courses

English and French courses will be offered during certain school holidays to enable children to improve their level of English or French. Playful learning adapted to the age and level of the children.

→ Download the afterschool program