In the light of the particularities of our approach to tuition, based on the intensive study of English, but which integrates preparation for the “Brevet” and “Baccalaureat Option Internationale”, EFI Bucharest will make classes available incrementally. This policy includes an enrolment process, controlled by an Evaluation Committee (especially for non-French pupils), which assesses the French language capability and general aptitudes of each candidate.

Pupils who come through EFI’s Primary School can choose to continue their schooling with the bilingual French curriculum from the first year of junior high (6ème) up to their Baccalaureate.

Junior high and high school at EFI strictly follow the French school curriculum and provide children with the best possible conditions to succeed with their “brevet” and “baccalaureate”.

EFI will start by opening its preschool and primary schools in 2019 and then gradually open classes for junior high and high school:

  • Junior high opens September 2022
  • High school opens September 2025