Dear Parents,

We are extremely happy to welcome you to EFI Bucharest, the French International School of Bucharest, which will open its doors at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

The Odyssey School Network, backed by French institutions, is rooted in the tradition of excellence for which the French educational system is well known. Our aim is also to promote multilingualism, an outward-looking international perspective and help children find personal fulfilment.

It is with this same purpose that we are opening EFI Bucharest, the mission of which is to offer an excellent education in a favourable and vibrant environment, where students of all nationalities can share the joys of learning.

Successful education not only requires a solid knowledge base and skills, it also needs trust. Children only learn well when they feel secure, cared for and understood. Together with you, their families, our role will be to support pupils in their intellectual and personal development and to guide, encourage and motivate them so that they make the very best of their abilities.

The pupils of EFI Bucharest will follow a French school curriculum, recognized by the French state and in full compliance with the programmes stipulated by the French Ministry of Education. Once our preschool and primary school are underway, EFI Bucharest will open its junior high school and high school to accompany students up to the French State diplomas of brevet and baccalaureate.

The academic vision of our school is rooted in the French idea of developing a broad knowledge base, enriched by bilingual schooling taught exclusively by international teachers, who are all native speakers. It is our firm belief that by grounding our programme in both the French and international education approaches that we will be able to successfully build a trilingual (French, English, Romanian) and multicultural learning environment, unique in Bucharest.

EFI Bucharest’s management and team of teachers is also committed to making the school a great place to live, with a friendly environment, in which your children will constantly benefit from assistance and support tailored to meet their individual needs. Naturally, to fulfil this ambitious educational project, we also rely on you, the parents, to join with us in building this new educational community.

Entering a new school is a critical moment in every child's life. It must be an enjoyable and not a stressful experience. We therefore undertake to put all our hearts into welcoming your children, providing them with the best possible study environment and the support needed to ensure that they reach their own goals successfully.

We look forward to meeting you shortly and hope that you will join our community and share in our vision and values.


Jonathan DERAI
General Manager of the Odyssey School Network
Chairman of EFI Bucharest