The Odyssey Network and EFI Bucharest’s purpose is to provide education that makes sense for the 21st century

Our education model is built on a combination of excellence, an outward-looking international perspective and personal development.
EFI Bucharest’s educational model combines French academic excellence with the vibrancy of international education. This alliance of the “best of both worlds” is a unique educational opportunity in Bucharest and puts students at the gates of the best universities not only in France and Romania but all over the world.

The academic excellence of French education

The French school curriculum has earned worldwide recognition for its quality and opens the door, immediately after the Baccalaureate, to the best universities in the world, including Anglo-Saxon universities (provided students have a solid command of English).

EFI Bucharest is a French school in Romania. Every child who comes to EFI Bucharest, regardless of nationality, is guaranteed full French schooling from preschool to high school. They will be ready to sit for French state exams in the same way as children from any other high school in France, Romania or elsewhere. The schooling provided at EFI strictly adheres to the programmes stipulated by the French Ministry of Education and is carried out by highly qualified teachers, who are all carefully hand-picked.

The strengths of French education

  • A perfect command of the French language and basic knowledge (literacy and numeracy)
  • Solid general knowledge to develop understanding, emotional intelligence and critical thinking
  • Development of scientific activities and knowledge to help understand the complex nature of the world and make them ready

The Portal Programme©: A transitional programme for non-French speaking students 

Open to children of all nationalities, EFI Bucharest can accommodate non-French speaking pupils, regardless of the level of their schooling, be it in preschool or Primary school.

To ensure their effective and harmonious integration into the school’s curriculum, EFI Bucharest has invented its Portal Programme©. This transitional process accelerates the learning process for French. It is a linguistic gateway that helps students from outside the French school system to be speedily initiated into the French language. They will acquire French language skills in under a year, while developing listening and reading skills.

Trilingual tuition and an outward-looking global perspective

Trilingual tuition

French is the language of reference at the school and the primary language for instruction. English and Romanian are used for as much as half of tuition time. From preschool, pupils learn English, but also in English. This means that by the end of their school career, children are able to express themselves in both languages, both orally and in writing, and meet the requirements for language certification.

To this end, the school applies an educational programme based on immersion, progressiveness, customisation and active learning methods. In addition, all language teachers are native speakers and have teaching degrees in their home country.

A truly global perspective

•    Discovery of the different cultures of the world
•    School trips, educational projects and twinning with other international schools
•    Active college counselling to prepare children for the best higher education
•    Multiculturalism throughout the school
•    Educational programmes promoting international openness and intercultural exchange (Model United Nations (MUN), Summer camps, etc.)

The pleasure of learning in a stimulating environment

EFI Bucharest’s educational project combines the pleasures of learning with rigorous teaching and supervision methods, in a multicultural, bilingual and energetic scholarly environment.

Modern teaching methods and tools based on cognitive science and the development of everyone’s talents

  • Active learning methods
  • Interdisciplinary studies and de-compartmentalisation (jigsaw classrooms/cooperative classes)
  • Flipped classrooms*
  • Positive discipline
  • Dynamic teaching of science using investigation and projects
  • Use of EdTech tools (Educational Technologies)

Customised teaching methods designed for the needs of each child

Children attending the school are guaranteed that they will be listened to and able to take initiatives to ensure their success and self-fulfilment. The school gives personalised support to each child and specific learning methods are applied to each group level. EFI will also adapt its teaching methods to the needs of any children who have temporary difficulties. Our overall teaching methods promote efficiency, autonomy and perseverance.

Personal development

EFI Bucharest enables its students to make progress thanks to a favourable and optimistic environment where success rhymes with self-fulfilment. Our innovative teaching methods are focused on boosting the desire to learn, the will to succeed and self-confidence of children, while developing their ability to adapt, think and develop their openness towards others.

A cosmopolitan and caring educational community

EFI Bucharest’s multicultural and dynamic educational community is made up of:

  • A team of teachers who are attentive, qualified and committed to academic excellence and the success of your children.
  • Pupils and families of all nationalities.
  • Partners: a network of partnerships with NGO’s, international or regional organisations, provides children with the opportunity to strengthen their civic and cultural commitment.

A rewarding social and cultural life

Every day after school and on Wednesday afternoons, children are given the opportunity to participate in many cultural, artistic and sports activities to further their development and broaden their outlook. Some of these are taught in English.