For the school year starting September 2022, the French International School of Bucharest will open classes ranging from pre-kindergarden 3yo (Petite section) to primary school CM2 level. Given the limited number of places available, acceptance will be based on admission test results. Admission will depend on the quality of each application, test results and available places.

We pay great attention to all applications. There are studied by our team members, who are committed to ensuring that a comparable number of French, Romanian and other nationalities are admitted so we can safeguard the multicultural character of our educational community, which is essential to our educational project. We take special care when evaluating the ability of children to integrate and succeed with their studies at our school.

The decision to register one’s children at EFI Bucharest implies full acceptance of its teaching methods and educational objectives, as well as its principles and rules that are there to guarantee the cohesion and commitment of the educational community we have built around the school’s value system.


Depending on their age, children may be admitted to the following classes:

  • Petite section : 2019
  • Moyenne section : 2018
  • Grande section : 2017
  • CP : 2016
  • CE1 : 2015
  • CE2 : 2014
  • CM1 : 2013
  • CM2 : 2012

Pupils already enrolled into the French education system at a school recognised by the French Ministry of Education will be admitted to the class corresponding to their school record and school report (livret d’évaluation).

For children born in 2019, 2018 and 2017, school registration can only be requested for those classes corresponding to the age of the child. No exceptions will be made.

For all children, regardless of their nationality, previously enrolled in a French school (in France or abroad), recognized by the French Ministry of Education:

  • School certificate and confirmation of removal from that school’s register (exeat: permission to take leave of absence)
  • Pupil’s school reports for the current and last two years (if applicable).

For all children previously enrolled in a non-French school, including a French-language private nursery or primary school that is not under contract with or non-certified by the French state:

  • A school certificate from the previous school
  • The pupil’s school reports for the past two years (where applicable)

The online application duly filled out, completed with the requested documents (to be uploaded directly online).

You will then receive an application reference number. When you have received this number, the school management will email you the date and time of the admission session for which your child is registered.

For any additional information, you can contact the teaching secretariat of the school at the following email address:

Parents must have a working email address as all follow-up operations are handled by email.


Registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins on February 16th, 2022. Please send the application form duly completed together with:


For all children, regardless of nationality:

  • A copy of the child's passport or national identity card
  • Copies of passports or national identity cards of parents/guardians
  • Copy of the “livret de famille” (family record book) or any other document guaranteeing the parents’ responsibility for their child's civil liability
  • A copy of your payment order for 400 RON (83€) to cover fees for the management and administration of admissions (see bank details on the registration form).


Procedure for entering preschool

Regardless of the nationality and the pupil’s previous school, applications for entry into preschool are studied in the following manner:

  • A meeting between the pupil’s parents and a member of the Board. Whenever possible we ask both parents to attend this meeting of approximately 30 minutes.
  • An assessment of the child with a test that takes about 20 to 30 minutes. This evaluation is done in a classroom under the supervision of members of our teaching team at the same time as the meeting with the parents. This meeting allows us to observe the child in small groups while he or she is doing various learning activities. This short playful session allows our teachers to assess the child's skills in areas such as language, sociability, ability to concentrate, fine motor skills, etc.

NB: For preschool candidates, language skills in French or English are not a prerequisite.

Entrance procedure for primary school

Regardless of nationality, applications for entry into primary school are studied as part of the following procedure:

  • A meeting between the pupil’s parents and a member of the Board. Whenever possible we ask both parents to attend this meeting of approximately 30 minutes and,
  • A written test for the pupil that takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. This is done on the same day as the meeting with the parents. This test was developed by our team of teachers and corresponds with the paradigms defined by the programmes of the French Ministry of Education. It is made up of three tests (all in French language): comprehension of texts, maths and dictation. The decision as to acceptance depends on the results of this test.

The following candidates are exempted from the written test, but must be present for the meeting between the parents and a member of the Board:

→ Applicants, of whatever nationality, who have completed at least 2 full years of school during the last 3 years in a French state school or a private school under state-contract in France, or a French school outside of France, but approved by the French Ministry of Education.

NB: It should be noted that if a pupil (including French nationals) comes from a private school in France that is not under contract to the French Ministry of Education or from a school outside of France with a French programme that is not state-certified, the pupil must sit the test as part of his application for admission.

→ Applicants for CP or CE1 classes, regardless of their nationality, holders of the “DELF Prim” French Language Proficiency Certificate (level A1 or A2).

→ Applicants from another country (i.e. neither French nor Romanian) and not French-speaking at the time of application.

NB: It is obligatory for these pupils to join EFI Bucharest’s “Portal Programme©”, a system ensuring accelerated learning of French, during their first school year. 

To comply with the rules of the “Agency for French Teaching Abroad” (AEFE), it is obligatory for parents of children with special educational needs (physical disability, learning or other disabilities) to provide the relevant information in their application dossier and to get in touch with the school management.

Rules of precedence and priority

To decide which candidates are to be selected for entry into a given class, the School Admissions Committee will apply the following rules of precedence and priority: 

  • Children of French nationality (including bi-national);
  • Romanian children or children of any other nationality who have attended schools belonging to the French educational system as approved by the AEFE or recognized by the French State (e.g. “National Centre for Distance Education”, the CNED -) for at least one year;
  • Children who have brothers and sisters - one of whom is already at EFI Bucharest or already enrolled in a school that is part of the French educational system and approved by the AEFE, or recognized by the French State (e.g. CNED);
  • Romanian children and children of any other nationality.

Registration procedure time-table

Following the interview and the admission assesment/tes, the Admission Commitee will deliberate on the succesful application.

Parents will be informed of the decision by email. 

Decisions are final for the school year concerned.

Upon receipt of the answer from the school, the parents of the accepted candidates have 7 days to confirm their child’s enrolment and must fill out the registration form and pay the initial registration fees.

Any registration will only be effective once the confirmation from the school has been received and the initial registration fee has been paid.  

For any question, please adress an email to 

  • February 16th: opening of admissions for the 2022-2023 school year;
  • March of 1st: Beginning of "Parents' Info Sessions"


NB: EFI will examine applications from families who arrive in Bucharest during the school year (expatriation, relocation) once the normal admission procedure has closed. Applications will be considered subject to availability.