Our educational approach aims at encouraging pupils to develop their sense of critical and creative thinking. This is why we incorporate the latest technologies in all aspects of the programme: we thereby provide children with a new way of discovering, analysing and presenting information while at the same time learning about the role technology plays in our increasingly globalized world. The use and understanding of new technologies and particularly coding are taught during various lessons. This is done to help children cut across a range of subjects and give them a powerful tool for understanding a wide variety of subjects ever more dependent on computer science.

At EFI Bucharest, children develop their ability to find information. The use of technology gives them immediate access to an abundance of information: we teach them to filter and use their critical thinking to extract reliable information. We encourage them to use technology to create and present the content of their research and in so doing develop their communication skills for tomorrow’s world which will be entirely technology-based.

To promote the notion of teamwork and cooperation, pupils have access to a computer network via which they can share files and work together on their various projects. Teachers also use this network to share information with pupils and as a teaching tool. 

  • Classrooms are equipped with digital displays
  • Computer courses (coding)
  • Preparation for tests in computer skills as defined by the French Ministry of Education
  • Connected classes and libraries (fibre optic)
  • Progressive and sensible use of tablets starting in CE1